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One-on-one training, and physical therapy in Verona, NJ with encouragement that can help you live pain-free!

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Dr. Brandon Cruz PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS
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Start your physical therapy, performance training or sports recovery today!

pur·sue - /pərˈso͞o/
pursue (verb): to seek out

Our goal is to help you pursue your goals and get you back to doing the things you want to do as quickly as possible.

Injuries and medical conditions beyond our control can create daily aches and pains. With our physical therapy, sports recovery and performance training services, we can assist anyone in living a pain-free life regardless of skill, age or mobility level.

Traditional methods like surgery, medication, or injections are proving to be unsuccessful in managing or healing long-term pain. When you come to Pursue PT, you are taking the initiative to pursue one-on-one therapy and treatment specific to your injury. Our number one priority is to help you become your strongest self, so you can get back to doing the activities you love as safely and quickly as possible.

At Pursue PT, our Doctor of Physical Therapy is Double Board Certified in Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation as well as Fellowship Trained in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, he will be able to provide you with a unique one-on-one care coupling experience that aligns with your goals.

No physician referral required!

Our Services in Verona, NJ

Physical Therapy

Our advanced training and skill-set give us the edge to help you perform, play and live without pain.

Performance Training

We create customized plans to help you reach your optimal fitness level.

Sports Recovery

Recover from sports injuries faster and get back to doing what you love.

Fitness Designed With YOU in Mind

Our professional team of physical therapists and personal trainers in Verona, NJ combine modern treatment and philosophy with extreme attention to detail to ensure you receive a plan that is fully customized to you. With state-of-the-art equipment tailored to an individual's needs, we can help you heal and rehabilitate while improving mobility and confidence.

We believe in building a solid foundation, not just treating an ailment. Our team focuses on building consistent habits that will benefit you and your body for years to come. We also practice what we preach -- our team is continuously trying to improve our own skill sets to better serve you.

No prescription. Fewer visits. Better results.

You do not need to live in pain. You can - and will - experience a happier, healthier, pain-free lifestyle when you begin physical therapy with Pursue PT. We target your exact issues with proven, science-backed methods to ensure you can reach your physical goals as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Pursue PT

We help you pursue your goals and live life without pain by providing you with:

Customized Plans

Consistent Habits

Access to Fellowship Trained & Double Board Certified Doctor

Science-Backed Methods

State-of-the-Art 5-Star Sports Therapy Services Facility

Sports Recovery Consultation

And More!

Meet the Team

Our elite NJ physical therapist team at Pursue PT is dedicated to helping you achieve results safely while building habits that apply to your daily life. We have the highest level of trained physical therapists and personal trainers in Verona, NJ

Pursue PT

We are committed to your overall well being. We provide conservative rehabilitation and treatment of muscular-skeletal pain to patients in Verona, NJ. You will avoid medications, injections, and surgeries when you pursue physical therapy with us. Start living your best life, now!


Find yourself amongst modern science and equipment with quality care.