No. New Jersey operates under a law called Direct Access. Since Physical Therapists are Doctors they are able to evaluate, diagnose you and treat you all in the same session saving your time and money!

We accept most insurances as well as having cash options. Because everyone has a different insurance plan please call our office so we can better assist you. 


Since we are an out of network provider we are able to spend  more quality 1-on-1 time with clients and will help you get better faster.  While most PT clinics see you 3x a week with many other patients at the same time, we usually see you 1-2x a week.  You tend to need less visits, and in the long run may end up spending less with us than a traditional PT practice when you consider your deductible, co-pay, and extra visits needed, not to mention all the time you spent there.

Our integrated team provides an entire approach to health, fitness, and performance that assures you get the care you need. We work with anyone looking to get the most out of their bodies. Our clients range from high school athletes, to weekend warriors, to corporate executives, to fitness enthusiasts, to professional athletes from every sport,




  • Appointments from 7am-9pm, we have extended hours to accomodate your body schedule 

  • You don't need Physical Therapy 3x a week for 8 weeks. With Efficient & Effective Treatment you will get back to being pain free and living the live you want to live FASTER!

  • Hands on treatment that is proven to get you better. Dr. Cruz spends the appropriate amount of time performing advanced manual therapy to multiple regions of the body that can be contributing to a pain, and not just the site of pain.

  • We take the time to listen to you during your appointment to better understand what you are going through and how to help you. We also take our time to answer any questions and explain what we are doing so you have complete understanding of what is going on.

Pain and limitations are not part of your life plan. Our doctors embody a comprehensive skill set to get you better without medication or surgery. We specialize in treating back pain, neck pain, bulging and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sacroiliac dysfunction, as well as postoperative recovery. Count on us for getting you back to living your life with long lasting results

  • Limit Medication 

    Don't get hooked on pain killers, or deal with the side effects of medication.

  • Avoid Surgery 

    Avoid the risk of surgery, over  80% of people are able to avoid surgery with a quality Physical Therapy Program.

  • No Injections 

    Injections at best only mask the pain. Physical Therapy will help the body heal naturally 

  • Hands on Treatment 

    Our Doctors of undergone the most advance training in the field of rehabilitation, to provide you with the best hands on treatment that is proven by science to get you better faster. 

  • Individualized approach 

    Tired of not getting the results you want or need? Pursue PT individualizes each patients program to ensure you are getting the exact care and treatment you need.

  • Health Care Providers That Listen 

    Tired of waiting at the physicians office for hours to just be seen for 5 minutes? At Pursue PT we spend the time to listen to you as well as explain what is going on as well as what we will do to help you.


Dr. Cruz is a miracle worker. I came into Pursue PT after an ankle sprain hoping to get back to very high level of volleyball before my fast approaching season started. With the help of Dr. Cruz, I have met my goals earlier than expected and have been feeling stronger than ever. His impressive academic background and thorough approach to rehabilitating my injury gives me complete faith in him to treat any ailment I can imagine. The clinic is always spotless and my impossible schedule is always somehow accommodated for. I look forward to referring all of my colleagues and teammates to Pursue PT. Thanks again, Dr. Cruz!

Doug  Dzema
Collegiate Volleyball Player 

After almost a year post surgery from a torn tendon in my ankle and still having pain I looked to Pursue for help. Dr. Brandon Cruz was amazing to work with, he was so wise and knew exactly what to do to get to the results I desired! His manipulations were the best I’ve ever recieved (and as a dancer I have been to many PTs in the past). After just 5 sessions, the pain is completely gone even after performing en pointe! All in all a fabulous experience at Pursue!! Additionally their performance trainer Anton is knowledgeable and excellent at his craft but moreover he is caring and gets results! He has helped me develop fitness goals, conquer them and reach for more! Whether you come here for a PT treatment, performance training or both, you will NOT be disappointed!

Amber Evelyn 

Professional Dancer 

I spent several weeks at a different PT location and decided to give Pursue PT a visit. I accomplished more in the first session at Pursue than weeks at the other place. Immediately, you can tell you are in good hands when you walk through the door. A personable and professional staff that takes the time to listen to your symptoms and develop a treatment plan specifically for you. The communication within the office is second to none which translates to consistent treatment and faster results. Whatever your injury, whatever your motivation: Pursue PT is a must.

Joseph Rella

Police Officer 

I do powerlifting and came to Dr. Cruz with both a knee issue and a partially torn labrum in my shoulder. Right away I was struck by the fact that instead of most physical therapists who just mindlessly give you exercises to do, he took time to troubleshoot what hurt and find what things fixed the pain.

Jonathon Alterio

Power Lifter 

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