Sports Physical Therapy

I spent several weeks at a different PT location and decided to give Pursue PT a visit. I accomplished more in the first session at Pursue than weeks at the other place. Immediately, you can tell you are in good hands when you walk through the door. A personable and professional staff that takes the time to listen to your symptoms and develop a treatment plan specifically for you. The communication within the office is second to none which translates to consistent treatment and faster results. Whatever your injury, whatever your motivation: Pursue PT is a must.


Police Officer/ Crossfit Coach

Great experience all around! Went in with an Crossfit induced injury, and after treatment was able to return to my regular  routine!


Teacher/ Cross Fit Coach

I do powerlifting and came to Dr. Cruz with both a knee issue and a partially torn labrum in my shoulder. Right away I was struck by the fact that instead of most physical therapists who just mindlessly give you exercises to do, he took time to troubleshoot what hurt and find what things fixed the pain.



I've struggled with shoulder pain for years and actually gave up on it and gave up recovering my ability to weight lift and be active especially after i had a bad experience with one Physical therapist who basically didn't care and only wanted to be paid. I saw no reason to trust physical therapists anymore until one day Pursue Physical Therapy was recommended to me by my brother. I trust my brother's judgement in fitness couches and trainers since we are both physically active and I started at Pursue Physical Therapy 3 weeks ago.

Brandon (PT) took the time necessary to get me to a better place than I have been in years. I'm getting more mobility in my arm, I'm not in pain everyday and I am pleasantly surprised with how far I have come already. I still need more work, but Brandon has earned my trust. If I ask a question he will give me all the information related to it and even teach the science behind what he is doing. Most physical therapists take you in, collect your co-pay, have you move some things around for 30 minutes to an hour and that's it. Brandon is not like that at all. When he works on you, you're his main priority and focus. He doesn't just train you, he works WITH you and makes sure you understand what your doing and why you're doing it.

Brandon has a passion for doing what he does and it shows. I'm seeing that with his training and guidance I'm going to be back to what I love doing before I know it.



I came to Dr. Cruz a few months ago with constant headaches, neck pain, and TMJ. He was optimistic that in a few sessions I would start feeling the tension and aches subside. He did not disappoint! In those sessions Dr. Cruz was extremely knowledgable and thorough as well as took his time explaining why certain exercises were done and the benefit from them. Through his precision using dry needling and manipulation techniques, I recommend him to all !!


Teacher/ Cross Fit Coach