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We hear you, you want to see your kids dominate in their sport WITHOUT being subject to overuse injury! We do too.

  • Strength 


    We don't treat our athletes like powerlifters. Unfortunately many other gyms chase numbers in bench press, squat and deadlift without having regard for their ability to move on the field. So how strong is strong enough? We believe strength should stop being chased as soon as you risk joint and body health. 

  • Speed 


    Many gyms claim to train speed, but all they're doing is burying the athletes with volume which can do quite the opposite. Consistently pressing what the body can handle can actually make athletes slower, apprehensive, and fragile. We make sure to carefully free up the joints for optimal movement and speed production and dose our intense activities in just the right amount to elicit SPEED.

  • Conditioning


    Excessive fatigue can put athletes in vulnerable situations. Their mental processing becomes delayed and their movement capacity becomes reduced. This can prove to be very dangerous. By utilizing our conditioning methods, we make sure that this does not become a limiting factor in an athletes performance and does not contribute to injury-prone situations on the field or court. 


  • Health


    We take our athlete's health VERY seriously. There's a reason we have Physical Therapy and Restorative Therapy services under the same roof. We all consult with each other to make sure each joint gets the attention it needs to save the shelf life. 

  • Longevity


    Longevity is something we are very passionate about. We are tired of seeing physically and mentally burnt out athletes before they reach their prime. We want our athletes to enjoy a dominant, but very long sports career. 



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We are a facility that has Physical Therapy and Sports performance training under one roof to provide a quality service to enhance athlete's performance, and provide them with the tools that are able to carry them for the entirety of their career. 

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